Corporate Governance Outline 


  • Ex-officio     (Please see “Information on Board Committee and their Activities” in the Transparency Seal
  • Appointive   and also the “Board level Committees Accomplishment Report” of this Outline)
  • Corporate Governance Assessment Seal
  • Approved Schedule of Board meetings
  • Board Orientation Program 
  • Board Training

Role of Board in Corporate Strategy 

Code of Ethics

Board and Board-level Committees Accomplishment Report

Access to Information (Board materials) - At least three (3) working days prior to scheduled meeting; pursuant to BR No. 2006 Series of 2008

Internal Control (including Internal Audit) - Please see pages 16-20 of the Manual of Corporate Governance

Risk Management System (Please see “Information on Material Risk Factors and Measures taken to Manage Risk”  in the Transparency Seal) 

Board Appraisal System 

Corporate Secretary Profile (Please see Item 1 of the 2017 Board Accomplishment Report)

PES (Please see PES under Governance Matters in the Transparency Seal) 

Disclosures and Transparency (At least 2013 –present disclosures)

Annual Audited Financial Reports (Please see Transparency Seal for complete details of the Annual Audits Financial Reports)

Annual Reports (Please see Transparency Seal for complete details of the Annual Reports)

  • State the location of the following information in the annual report/audited financial reports:
    • Corporate Objectives (Please see Page 4 of 2016 Annual Report)
    • Financial Performance Indicators (Please see pages 28-39 of 2016 Annual Report)
    • Non-financial Performance Indicators
    • Details of Whistle Blowing Policy
    • Biographical details (at least age, qualifications, date of first appointment, relevant experience,and any other directorships of listed companies) of directors/commissioners
    • Training and/or continuing education program attended by each director/commissioner
    • Review of GOCCs material controls (including operational, financial and compliance controls) and risk management systems 
    • Statement from the Board of Directors or Audit Committee commenting on the adequacy of the GOCC’s internal controls/risk management systems

Corporate Social Responsibility (Please see CSR Statement in the Transparency Seal and home page website for activities)

Welfare (policies, program and relevant data)

Customer’s welfare

  • Policies
  • Activities

Interaction with the communities

Environmentally-friendly value chain

  • Policies (see page 32 of the Manual of Corporate Governance)
  • Activities

Contact details for complaints of other stakeholders

Employees welfare and development (see page 32 of the Manual of Corporate Governance)

Training and Development Roadmap  

Summary of Training

Complaints and Redress Mechanism/Whistle blowing policy and procedures (including protection of reporting employee/s for retaliation) (Please see page 20 of PhilEXIM Citizen’s Charter)