We are a sovereign guarantor extending primarily guarantee, export insurance and related services to business entities in order to develop the Nation's export industry and facilitate investment in strategic sectors of the economy. 

By 2020, PhilEXIM shall be the preferred credit guarantee institution performing its role as the lead agency for guarantee finance with end in view of facilitating international trade and investments responsive to the developmental needs of the country. 



Wholesale Direct Lending Program for SMEs

Short term loan and capability building assistance to SME Export Sector.
Working capital
 Also available for
- Check Rediscounting Facility to finance P.O.’s and LC’s of end borrower/member;
- Acquisition of equipment & tools needed in operations;
- Improvement of workplace, storage, or warehouse facility;
- Advertisement & promotion design, packaging & other quality maintenance & upgrading costs;
- Participation of members exporters in local & international trade shows.
 Mode of Credit Delivery
Funds to accredited partner-borrower for relending to its member exporters/clients.
 Eligibility Criteria
Financial Institutions - BSP accredited financial institution
Exporter Association
1. Duly registered with SEC/CDA with at least two(2) years in operation
2. Debt to equity ratio of 5:1
3. Well-managed records, accounting & internal control systems, including:
- a. Membership directory of at least 10 active members
- b. Written Policies
- c. Board Resolutions
4. With good leadership
5. Available to direct and indirect exporters
6. With at least 85% membership fee collection rate
 Program Features
All Eligible Partner/Conduit BSP accredited financial institution Exporters Organizations - primary associations, federations, chambers, chapters and cooperatives
 Eligible End Borrowers

1.Direct Exporters - any entity that earns foreign exchange revenues

2.Indirect Exporters -supply chain of direct exporters

 Credit Limit
Financial Institutions:
- Minimum P 10 Million
- Maximum P 50 Million

Exporters Organization
- Minimum P 10 Million
- Maximum P 50 Million

Single Borrower's Limit for End Borrower
- P2.5 Million
Collateral Requirements
REM, CHM and other acceptable collaterals; Partner-borrower may require other collaterals
Financing Charges For One Year Revolving Credit Line
Interest Rate - PDST-F rate plus applicable spread
Handling Fee - P 10,000 payable upfront
Service Fee - P 5,000 for every availment
Out-of-pocket Expenses - Actual
Repayment Terms - Principal – One time payment based on maximum one (1) year Promissory Note Interest – discounted
Soft Loan Facility for
Capacity Building

 Eligible Purpose
Building up of data bank and members’ profile, common service/business support facility improvements, marketing & networking, & upgrading of MIS, accounting & internal control systems
 Maximum Loan Amount
5% of the approved credit line provided that the total amount shall not exceed the original amount of the line
 Interest Rate
2% lower than Wholesale Lending Rate
 Repayment Terms
One time payment of principal
At least 50% of the line has been availed

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